Description Of The Population And Problem Issue Essay

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Description of the population and problem issue While currently living in the west Humboldt park community I recognized a dire need for a cleanup project in this community. The residents in this community are predominantly African American, with some Puerto Ricans, and a few Mexicans. The area is made up of about 3.5 square miles from Cicero to kedzie going west and east and from franklin to North Avenue going south and north. This areas unemployment rate is also 14.8 percent higher than the national unemployment rate and this does not include individuals in jail and those who have not had a job in years. Poverty, health and cleanliness are serious issues that I recognized within this community. As a result to the recognition of this community need of service the project, “taking back our community our community is out kids” was birthed.
In addition while closely observing this community for years it’s very difficult not to notice the many different social issues of social justice that are affecting these residents. The most prevalent is the economic issues, where the poor have no job or inadequate jobs and many depend on the welfare system. To add, addition research also gives validity to this community economic struggle when it states, “the unemployment rate in west Humboldt Park in 2010 was 24.8% while in the US unemployment rate was 10.8%” (Swartz, T, 2012).
Race, religion, and social class are different multicultural dimensions of the resident of west Humboldt Park.…

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