Description Of All Night And Day Cookies Essay

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Description Of All Night & Day Cookies
All Night & Day Cookies will be a new 24 hour, 7 day a week cookie shop on Belmont’s campus. There will be cookies of every kind, especially for those with dietary needs. Belmont’s campus has a limited selection of food choices after a certain time, and that time is not late enough. College students are up late hours, doing homework, working on projects or just hanging out. Campuses across the country have adjusted to the night owls that are now college students, and it is about time Belmont did the same. With a cookie shop open everyday, all day, students will never have to worry about not having something to eat. There will always be a cookie available when the students want one, and that is what is important. There may be other places to get food, but are they serving food items that are safe enough for students with dietary restrictions? At All Night & Day Cookies, we will have gluten free cookies, dairy free cookies, wheat free cookies, and nut free cookies. This will help All Night & Day Cookies become successful due to the wide variety of options that it offers. Students and tourists alike will be drawn to the massive cookies. As business hopefully grows, more products will be made available.
The team at All Night & Day Cookies consists of 8 employees, the manager, an accountant and a marketing consultant. The owner is Michele Picone, who is a student at Belmont. She will be supervising sales, and managing the business as a…

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