Description Of A Learning Style Essay

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A learning style is a preference that someone has about how they want information is given to them. This preference also involves how their environment is, how they expect others to act around them, how they understand and process information given to them, and how they prefer to give information. According to the Gregorc Modle, there are 4 different learning styles. Dominate Concrete Sequential, Dominate Abstract Sequential, Dominate Abstract Random, and Dominate Concrete Random. It is important to know your learning style and the traits of other learning styles. When you know your learning style you can understand why you prefer to do things in a certain way and how your learning style meshes with others. Knowing the traits of the learning styles is important because then you can figure out other styles and adjust yours to help them or to understand what they need and why they may be acting that way. A learning style isn’t an excuse like “I can’t help it, it’s my learning style.” A learning style is a preference and you can change to adjust how you act when put in a situation that you have to.
In teaching children, it’s even more important that you understand learning styles because children do not. If a child is struggling to understand some information the way you are teaching it, you can try a different way that goes with their learning style. For example, if you are having the children read and reflect on paper what they learned it may click for some of the…

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