Essay about Description Of A Assessment On The Classroom Curriculum

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Signature Assessment
Purpose of Study
Assessment is important for the teachers to do because they need to know where their students stand throughout the school year. “A formative assessment refers to focused and ongoing evaluations, like the scores on quizzes or the observation a teacher makes. A summative assessment comes at the end of a course of study, when students become accountable for their achievement.” Graves, M. & Juel, C. & Grave, B. & Dewitz, P. (2011). Teaching Reading in the 21st Century. Boston, Ma: Pearson Education, Inc. As teachers we have to identify what the students know, their strengths and weaknesses in the classroom curriculum, determine student placement in our classroom, and be able to notify parents if any extra intervention is needed for their child. (Morrison, 2008, p.147-149.) If a teacher does not have the documentation for a student it is hard for the teacher to help the student to the best of their abilities. Assessments should be done periodically throughout the school year to monitor the students’ progress. “Assessment should be tailored to a specific purpose and should be reliable, valid, and fair for that purpose. Assessments designed for one purpose are not necessarily valid if used for other purposes.” (Morrison, 2008, p.147-149.) I used the ACT Aspire assessment for my student. My cooperating teacher recommended getting the students test scores from the counselor because she knew that her test scores were low in language arts,…

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