Describe Your Hypothesis : What You Do You? Essay

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1. Describe your hypothesis:
Most people are not sincere telling others how they are doing in life. This is probably the trend among people who think they will save themselves a lot of time by pretending to be most cases, if your friend claims to be fine, it’s usually the end of conversation. If you happen to tell them you are doing fine, they feel obliged to say they are fine too.
In the event that you give a negative answer, friends always act concerned and most of them get to open up to you. Friends will create time to find out why you are not okay and they even go to extends of encouraging you.
2. Responses given by subjects in the control group:
1. I am fine and you? (Positive)
2. Fine thank you. (Positive)
3. All is well (Positive)
4. I can’t complain, how are you? (Neutral)
5. Not bad, how about you? (Positive)
3. Responses given by subjects in Experimental Group 1 ("Great, how are you?"):
1. Good to hear, I am fine too. (Positive)
2. I am not well, but never mind. (Negative)
3. I am great too (Positive)
4. All is well. (Positive)
5. Ummh, not sure. (Neutral)
4. Responses given by subjects in Experimental Group 2 ("Terrible, how are you?"):
1. Anything I can do? (Neutral)
2. I am really sorry about that, want to talk about it? (Neutral)
3. Feel encouraged, I am well. (Positive)
4. You will be fine I am not okay as well, maybe we can talk. (Negative)
5. What’s up? I am not so well either. (Negative)
5. Score each of the responses as "positive," "neutral,"…

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