How Can Conflict Benefit An Organization Case Study

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1. How can conflict benefit an organization?
One of the possible ways that conflict can benefit your organization is that it creates engagement with the employees. An additional way that conflict can benefit your company is that it helps employees stay focused on the task at hand. The conflict could help your business by improving your employee relationships. When employees are permitted to express freely and not shy away from conflict; it can improve their morale. Lastly, conflict can improve the quality of ideas that are at the end of the day produced by the business.
2. What is conflict management?
It is a method of identifying and resolving conflicts in a reasonable, equitable, competent manner.
3. When should you avoid conflict? When
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6. How do you assess another person’s power in an organization?
You can assess another person’s power in an organization by evaluating the resources each control and his or her location in the organization.
7. “A good supervisor will never have to use discipline. “Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Discuss.
I disagree with the statement above. There isn’t a magical formula for being a good supervisor, of course, but if a supervisor is disciplined then only can, he or she expect the employees too. Therefore, supervisors set a behavioral code and use if necessary.
8. Why is it important to document any disciplinary action you take against an employee?
It is important to have a paper trail for any disciplinary action you take against an employee because the employees and supervisors may be asked to explain what happened in detail. Careful documentation protects a supervisor.
9. Why is discipline not always the best
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Some of the things that management does to cause conflict when sharing obligations or not defined plainly, that 's a recipe for disaster, and ineffective compensation and review systems. Nothing breeds employee-level conflict more than when compensation or review systems are dysfunctional. Contrary to the above is when review and compensation systems aren 't bendable enough to allow for certain people with star potential to be acknowledged and offered an accelerated path. All all the article identified that whether it 's annual operating planning, budgeting, forecasting, or product development phase reviews when these or other processes are nonexistent or break down, that creates

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