Essay on Descartes Theory Of The Mind And Body

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There are many questions that come along with the discussion of human consciousness; some would claim that human consciousness is the result of a human’s soul, whereas others would dispute the very existence of the soul itself. In this essay I will argue against the philosopher Descartes’ statement that the mind and the body are separate things and state that the mind and body are connected and that the mind and the soul aren’t one and the same; in order to achieve this, I will first look into Descartes theory of the mind and body and compare them to that of others, then I will explain the inner workings of the mind and how the brain can be manipulated, after which I will look into religious depictions of the soul and its duality, and finally I will express my findings about the mind and spirit and their connection to each other.
In his letter to the theology department of the University of Paris Descartes states that he will prove the “existence of god and the distinction between mind and body” (Descartes 6). However, in the beginning of his argument he claimed that he would renounce his earlier notions of what the soul was, seeing as they were reliant on the existence of the body and could, therefore be fabricated. He concluded that the only thing that was not reliant on the physical body was thought and the ability to think, stating that he existed “Certainly only for as long as I am thinking) (Descartes 19); This means that he would then view the mind, that is the…

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