Derrick Rose Or Stephen Curry? Essay

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Derrick Rose or Stephen Curry?
Who is the better NBA player, Derrick Rose or Stephen Curry? Sports analysts and many basketball fans are asking this question due to self interest. Even some non-basketball fans want to know; they are in a fantasy league at work and want the best team. Whatever the reason for asking the question, the answer needs to be discovered. Derrick Rose and Stephen Curry will be analyzed by offensive production, defensive production, and personal health to determine who is the better player. When it comes to offensive prowess, none are better than Stephen Curry and Derrick Rose. If the game is tied and the final seconds on the clock are ticking away, one can be assured that they will have the ball in their hands for their teams. While they are both elite on offense, their primary way to score varies greatly. Anyone who watches professional basketball knows that Stephen Curry is one of the best (if not the best) shooters in the game. Defenders know not to back off of him because they know he can make a basket from anywhere on the court. His effectiveness is due in part to the extreme speed in which he releases a shot. In addition, the point where he releases the ball is roughly three inches above his head, making it highly unlikely that his shot will get blocked. These offensive skills, in addition to muscle memory, allow him to be an exceptional shooter. In contrast, players guarding Rose actually back off half of a step. Not because he is…

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