Depression And Its Effects On Children Essay

1185 Words Mar 24th, 2015 5 Pages
Depression affects 11% of adolescents during the teenage years. Across America, depression is one of the highest diagnosed mental illnesses. With the rising stress levels of day to day life, more teenagers are getting diagnosed with this mental illness. Depression is not just simple sadness; it is a mental illness that restricts many people from performing to their highest capabilities. Each individual handles depression in different ways. Many of the symptoms involve the individual secluding themselves from others as a way to protect themselves or reject society. Even though it all falls under one category, there are many reasons behind depression, and as a result, many symptoms. Symptoms of depression include apathy, difficulty being decisive or making decisions, irresponsible behavior, feelings of guilt or loneliness, and a withdrawal from friends and society. These symptoms can be in a variety of combinations depending on the basis or reasoning behind the depression (WebMD). Depression can also be passed down through generations, so treatment is important. There are a variety of psychotherapy methods to treat depression including antidepressants, therapy, or hospitalization (Mental Health America). Depending on risk factors, caregivers choose the best option for the individual in their circumstance. A large amount of research has shown that medication is one of the most effective methods of treatment, although the individual varies. It is important for friends and…

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