Dentist Job Application Essay

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Growing up, I have always been told that I had pretty, white teeth. I never believed what they told me. Pretty, white teeth began to become unique to me. After being amazed by the looks of white teeth and seeing so many children needed their teeth clean, I began to think about my career. Many experiences have led me to the right path of doing a job that I think would best fit me. Have you ever went to the dentist office and heard a little boy or girl screaming because they were scared of getting their teeth clean? Well my little brother is one of them. Every time we go to the dentist to get our yearly cleaning, he always screams when seeing the sharp tools that the hygienist needs to use between the cracks of his teeth. He will cry and scream …show more content…
When going into the back rooms and seeing dental hygienist doing their job, I feel motivated by their hard work. After seeing the things that they do, I feel more and more comfortable with the career pathway I have choose. Motivation can really put a big impact on my life because sometimes I can get discouraged and start downing myself and telling myself I can’t do it. I believe I will be successful in dental school because of my hard work and dedication that I am willing to put into this program so that I can accomplish my desire to succeed. I have gained lots of public experiences, such as public speaking and customer service. I have took multiple public speaking courses and I have experience of customer service by the jobs I have worked. Working with coworkers and customers can help me learn each day about how you are supposed to treat people and showing that you care about them and you are willing to help. A smile is beautiful to show every day and some people aren’t as comfortable because they think people will laugh at their teeth and I am willing to make a difference. Everyone should show self-confidence and I am fortunate to be accepted into this profession so that I can have a reason to wake up every morning knowing I have an outstanding job that will make people feel good about

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