Dentist Career Essay

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When first making visits to the dental office many patients start as young adolescences visiting the Pediatricians as children. The pediatricians are the ones to guide and provide children, infants, teenagers and their parents with hygiene and disease prevention. The role of a pediatrician is more of a collaborative specialty. Than later on when making regular visits to the dental office you may meet with the general dentistry. The type of service you will be provided with here is participating in general maintenance of oral hygiene and tooth health. You will be involved with your dentist to help put together a dental hygiene plan that include a dental examination, tooth cleaning, maybe tooth scaling, x-rays, and ways to prevent , or treat any oral health issues that may occur. For the general dentists to help with maintain good oral hygiene they recommend that you visit your dentist once every six months. To obtain a career in dentistry students must attend four or more years of …show more content…
They focus on the study of the dental pulp or nerve and the root of the tooth. When these nerves or tissues are damaged endodontists threat the disease. They also participate in drainage and bleaching teeth that blackened. To pursue a career as an Endodontist you are required 2-3 years of training with attending dental school. For additional oral fixation such as restoration and replacement of the teeth you would make a visit with the Prosthodontist. Prosthodontist are like the solution to your dental needs. Some may refer to them as the ones to lead teams of general dentists, specialties, and other health professionals. Prosthodontist are the ones to apply the crown bridges, full or partial dentures using bonding technology to change shape, bleaching and discolored teeth. These are just a few other procedures done by prosthodontist to improve your

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