Dental Hygienist Experience Essay

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During my observations I witnessed many situations that I will encounter in my journey in becoming a dental hygienist and when I start practicing on my own after completing the program at West Coast University. Mainly from what experienced I learned that the patient is the most important thing when they sit down in your chair. The experience they have can shape their personal feelings about coming to a Dental office. How the appointment goes can either have a positive and negative outcome. Positive as in the patient leaves happy and smiling and negative as the patient will have negative things to say about you and will have secondary thoughts about coming to the hygienist regularly. In two particular experiences of the many I had during …show more content…
Before the hygienist started she reviewed the medical history for her geriatric patient. This specific patient had high blood pressure and was allergic to latex. I noticed that the hygienist brought out a different box of gloves that were non latex gloves to prevent the patient from breaking out. In addition because he had high blood she decided to use carbocaine instead of the usual lidocaine she administrated the anesthesia on the right side and waited a few minutes for the patient to be completely numb. In addition the patient let the hygienist know that he had neck problems and the hygienist brought a special pillow for patients with neck issues. As soon as the anesthesia came into effect she began with the cleaning using the Cavitron machine and scaling the patients teeth. Three mins in she stopped and asked the patient if they were comfortable the patient nodded and the hygienist continued and once she finished she brought the patient mouth wash and explained the post operation instructions explaining on what to do and what not to do when they leave the dental office. She also scheduled the next appointment for the second half of the deep cleaning for the patient. This patient left satisfied and was very eager to return and get the work finished the patient stated “I’m very happy with the hygienist she took the time to care for my needs and was very patient with

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