How To Start A Dental Hygienist Essay

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The smell of minty freshness in the air and little house plants surrounding you everywhere. You walk down the long hallway until you get to one of the rooms and sit in the chair. Then the dental hygienist comes into the room,the one who makes a well paying salary,.has a flexible working schedule and also the most friendly environment that you can possibly work in. They work hard the whole time until you can leave the room confidently with the smell of minty freshness following you wherever you go.
Dental hygienists have a great well paying salary. Having a well paying salary in your job is super important. You have to be able to support your family and know that you’ll be able to really give them what they need. Whether it’s paying the phone bills or going grocery shopping, and a dental hygienist can fill that hole where you need that money. They make approximately $71.79 per day and around $149,310 a year. Even though different offices have different salaries per person, every dental
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That is one of the most important things to look for in a job. You don’t want to get up every day and dread going to work because the people you work with are mean and don’t respect you. But, if you work with friendly people at a dentist office, then you’ll be excited to go to work in the morning. There definitely are those days when you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and aren’t in the best mood but usually the patients are nice and the workers around you are friendly. That is kind of part of being a dental hygienist is having to be friendly. Right when the patients walk in, you have to be able to comfort them with your smile and happiness. If they walk in and you don’t even give them a smile and just kind of grunt and walk away, they aren’t going to feel very welcome and probably won’t come back next time. So you have to be willing to be happy and nice all the time and that’s just part of the

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