Demonstrate Your Understanding of Undertaking a Learning Needs Analysis.

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Demonstrate your understanding of undertaking a learning needs analysis.

I. Explain three reasons why learning and development needs may arise in your own organisation. Include examples for individual and group needs.

|Individual |Group |
|New role / Job change |New product / equipment |
|New system / technology |Change of regulation / legislation |
|Change of policies / procedures |feedback
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2. Feedback MENTOR. An individual will have to have access to the Finance IT system, they have to successfully complete the course and trainer/facilitator assesses whether the individual has demonstrated his/her full understanding of the system – If he/she hasn’t, a feedback will be provided on the area that he/she needs to improve before he/she been given access to the system. Advantages Trainer/facilitator is an expert, therefore is able to give an accurate assessment. Disadvantages People know they been assess, so they will be nervous on the course.

3. Skills / Knowledge Audit In our organisation we have a Skills Audit of our professionally qualified people. We use that for recruitment, succession planning and allocating people to roles. If for example new policies have to be implemented within the organisation; we will know who to match to this project. We do not have a skills audit on those general skills i.e.: good speaker or PowerPoint skills. Advantages Professional qualified people will be able to e allocated on priorities changes. Disadvantages Not having a record on other knowledge, make it very difficult. The reason we do not have it is because people do not trust what we going to do with it. They fear to have more

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