Democratic Politics : A Representative Democracy Essay

1546 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 7 Pages
A representative democracy allows its citizens voices to be heard through elected officials. United States citizens’ have the ability to elect and choose people to represent their interests through governmental positions. This election cycle is unique in all realms of political spectrum from State Senate seats to the presidency; and the race for the House seat in California’s 25th district is no different. Regardless, after conducting eight weeks worth of research the outcome on November 9th, 2016 will be in favor of the quality challenger, Bryan Caforio. Mr. Caforio will come out on top on November 9th because he has shown quality challenger material, he creatively used the Republican presidential candidate to hurt his opponent, and he uses the area’s demographics to his advantage. Though Congressman Steve Knight is the incumbent, he is a freshman congressional member with a number of controversies surrounding him, and the district is in the process of turning blue. California’s 25th House District competition is between the current seat holder, Tea Party Republican Steve Knight and Democrat Bryan Caforio. Each candidate comes from a strikingly different background from one another, which makes the race interesting. Congressman Knight was born at Edwards Air Force Base, and has lived in Antelope Valley for a majority of his life where he is known for serving his country, protecting values, demonstrating leadership and aiding his community (Congressman Steve Knight 2016).…

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