Democratic Education Is The Most Effective State Of Education

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In education, a student experiences, education or the concept of the good life from many different approaches. In the book, Democratic Education by Amy Gutmann it talks about democratic education. She describes democratic education as the role that teachers, parents, students, principals, and other faculty play in teaching skills and virtues to students. Gutmann does not present democratic education as the only option for educating students. She gives many examples of different states of education. However, she always comes back to her belief that democratic education is the most effective. I would like to take some time to describe Amy Gutmann’s concepts of democratic education more in depth because democratic education is about most effective education and not the fastest education. I agree with Amy Gutmann that democratic education is the most effective state of education.
In Democratic Education Amy Gutmann says that Democratic Education is,
States, parents, and professional educators all have important roles to play in cultivating moral character. A democratic state of education recognizes that educational authority must be shared among parents, citizens, and professional educators even though such sharing does not guarantee that power will be wedded to knowledge, that parents can successfully pass their prejudices onto their children, or that education will be neutral among competing conceptions of the good life. (Gutmann 42)
This quote shows that in democratic…

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