Democratic And Undemocratic Elements Of The People And Free And Fair Elections

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There are many definitions and conceptions when it comes to what society considers to be democratic. I am only going to address a few of them in my analysis of how democratic our democracy really is. These two conceptions are the will of the people and free and fair elections. These conceptions both have different views on what makes a democracy democratic. The will of the people is exactly as it sounds basically meaning that the country is governed by the people. The idea of free and fair elections as a democracy is simply giving a voice to everyone and giving them the opportunity to use it to influence government. I would also like to keep in mind with my evaluation that it is often easier to criticize than it is to compliment. With knowledge of all these conceptions I will be able to evaluate the democratic and undemocratic elements of the Government and issues that are important to society.
The will of the people is one of the most popular “definitions” of what a democracy truly is. It is the most elementary definition term and what many people generally describe a democracy as. With this conception alone there are many arguments on whether or not the elements of American life are democratic or undemocratic. This form of democracy in my opinion is the most disputed. A great example of this was shown with the recent presidential election. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote while Donald Trump won the needed 270 electoral votes and will be the next president. This has…

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