Greek Government Dbq Essay

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Ancient Greece and Rome have had many impacts on current day society and government. Over thousands of years, the ways of government have reformed into what now is the United States. Ancient Rome and Greece have had many impacts on our current day government and have influenced the principles that we now use on a regular basis. Some of these principles consist of the democracy, checks and balances, and rule of law.
The idea of a democracy has developed over thousands of years to become what now rules our country. The democracy that rules our government was inspired by Ancient Greek and Roman ways. The definition of a democracy has been slightly reformed over the thousands of years between the Ancient Greek and Roman time period and current
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This concept along with the twelve tables are the two main ways how Rome showed the principle, rule of law, in their government.
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The United States emulated the idea of “innocent until proven guilty” from Ancient Rome which is now commonly used in all court cases. The US government forces everyone to follow the laws, no matter their position. We believe that everyone is equal in terms of the law and what is right and what is wrong. The president isn’t allowed to get away with murder, just like how a citizen must face trial if they commit a robbery.
Rule of law is a matter of

Many principles and ways of governing the United States was derived from Ancient Rome and Greece. These two civilizations heavily impacted the way our country and government is structured. They have influenced us to use many principles that make up our country such as the democracy, checks and balances, and rule of law. Without the Roman and Greek influence on our ways of governing, we would most likely be in a very different place. They developed democracy, rule of law, and checks and balances, and without that we would be a very unstructured and uncivilized country. Ancient Greece and Rome unknowingly put us where we stand as a country now, but it is how we develop ourselves that will impact and form our

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