Essay on Democracy Is The Best Form Of Government

1527 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page
When it comes to the topic of whether democracy is the best form of government, most of us will readily agree that in theory, a well-planned democratically elected institution should represent an accurate sampling of the general population which it has been elected to serve. Where this agreement usually ends however, is on the question of which particular form of democracy is the best overall representation of the concept in question, and as to whether or not this ideal representation outweighs any other type of competing institutional system. Whereas some are convinced that the US Constitution, and the federal institution created in its image are the perfect example of what a truly effective democratic process embodies, and that it is the best form of government in practice, others maintain that competing systems, such as the quasi-federalism practiced by China, are a glimpse into the future of what a more direct and effective government will be. I agree that most democratically elected governments in the western world are in decline, and therefore, I question the validity of arguments in favor of democratic systems and their institutions overall in the long run because most democratic institutions have grown dependent upon the import of cheap Chinese goods to remain economically viable as a whole. In order to introduce the concept of democracy into our discussion, it is of great importance to first explore the idea in it’s true context. As Julia Paley summarizes, “The…

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