Delta Air Line Inc And Boeing Co. Essay example

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Sustainability considers how we will safeguard the environment around us, and preserving it and making sure that our community protects it from destruction. It is the responsibility of an organization to produce renewable, biodegradable, recycled and non-polluted products to better our environment. If companies produce products that will not harm the environment they are moving in the right direction in safeguarding nature. The two companies that I be discussing in this research is Delta Air Line Inc and Boeing Co. I will inform one the environment sustainable operations of the company, the mineral usages of Delta, and what could other companies learned from them.
A company should always be trying to improve their environmental sustainable operations in every country they are located in. According to the article “The Boeing Company 2016 Environment Report” It stated that, for the past five years Boeing have been limiting the number of remediation sites that they were working on. Boeing also, closed four of their remediation sites in 2015 to better improve the environment. Boeing is always planning to close three more sites this year. Early on in 2015, Boeing conducted and completed a shoreline cleanup and restoration project at the Lower Duwamish Waterway, which could be found in Seattle located near Boeing’s former plant 2. This cleanup was one mile long near the sediments and around the shoreline, and near a recent developed salmon habitat. Another improvement presented…

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