Del Roy Personality

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Prince Del Roy Mekhi Guenther was born on June 15th of the year 1998. He was born to his parents, Queen Tiffany & King Michael. They lived in a beautiful castle along with the other royal offspring & the highly favored grandparents. Gloria & Charles were the truly beloved grandparents of the spoiled children. Princess Naysia, Prince Darian, & Prince De’Vaughn joined Del Roy in being “ The Royal kin of Racine”.
At the beginning of the childrens’ lives, King Michael & Queen Tiffany decided to part ways, for it was best for both of their interests at heart. The children were confused but just went along with what made their parents happy. Since then Michael was only seen on holidays and special occasions, but was always sure to keep in touch.
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Instead of doing extra credit, Del Roy lied and said it was no longer offered. Instead of trying to win contests, Del Roy would remove himself from entry. Del Roy didn 't want to live as a puppet anymore. He was tired of all the expectations.
His behavior also was being seen in a negative light. He was trying to get out of his advanced classes by failing out. He achieved his goal but at a cost. Del Roy was taken out of The Royal Charter School for Privileged Princes and Princesses and placed into a general population school. Much to his mothers & grandmothers dismay, Del Roy was not acting like the prince he is, but more of a uneducated undisciplined peasant. When he transferred to a regular middle school, Prince Del Roy was having a great time. Even though the other kids knew who he was, Del Roy was allowed to live a normal teenage life. It didn 't last long though. Since Del Roy was so far ahead of the other students in his new school, he was deemed unfit for that level of schooling and sent back to finish his middle school years at The Royal Charter
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High school. Del Roy began attending Crescent Crown High School, although he wanted to attend Crown Valley High and was taking his advanced placement classes. But, due to his lack of turning in work, horrible attitude, rude comments, and disregard for authority, Del Roy was removed from advanced placement & put on school watch. He did not care. Del Roy continued his rude ways & was once more sent to general population schooling.
Once again he was deemed unfit and sent back to Crescent Crown to finish his first year of high school. Del Roy had made a small change though. He was once again getting straight A’s, but still kept the nasty attitude. His teachers could not handle him. They were asking for his removal again but the principal didn 't allow it. He saw that Del Roy appreciated the negative attention and told teachers to just ignore the actions. Del Roy finished his first year on honor roll but with the worst student reputation royalty has ever heard of.
When he returned back from summer break, young Del Roy was acting much more royally. He was achieving much past high grades and a positive attitude. Del Roy was doing over 100% in all of his classes and maintaining a respectable presence amongst his teachers. All was going well until he heard horrible news. Everything went downhill from

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