Deforestation Is A Paradigm Of Commerce Without Morality Essay

1738 Words Dec 18th, 2015 7 Pages
Thirteen million hectares of forest were lost each year between 2000 and 2010 for the economic gain of the few, at the expense of many(Lombardo). We buy everyday products disregarding the complex system it’s required to produce the products. The cycle of products starts with us, buying, consuming, and then throwing it away. Products like paper, come from trees and it’s imperative that we realize trees are a limited resource. Like most commodities, the root of the how it’s made comes from resources that are very scarce, and damages the environment and it’s biodiversity. The practice of deforestation results in carbon dioxide emission, causing permanent damages to biodiversity and to the forest, thus should be rectified by pressuring the companies involved, vote for political leaders to solve this crisis, and ultimately support practical solutions that are beneficial to everyone. Deforestation has become a paradigm of commerce without morality. Commerce without morality , one of The Seven Deadly Social Sins, essentially is wealth at any means possible, morals and ethics usually go overboard. Most deforestation are led by companies taking control of trees in order to make products for profit. Companies can become ambitious to earn profits, even if they have to oppress the people or enslave them. Deforestation can lead to the extinction of animals, plants, and people who rely on the forest. Companies disregard the species in the forest, and destroy habitats or food sources,…

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