The Amazon: A Case In Environmental And Social Interdependence

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Unit 10 Case Study developing The amazon
A Case in Environmental and Social Interdependence
I am in support of all amazon development projects being shut down because The unique ecosystems in tropical forests are being destroyed at a rate which is very alarming and all of the human race is affected by what is happening all in the name of greed and at a rate that is not sustainable at all. The tropical forests are responsible for providing watersheds for farmers who grow food for about one billion people on earth The tropical forests provide us with oxygen that we need to breath and hardwood timber and fuelwood and that is ok when it is being harvested sustainably and not being cut down in and harvested in a manner that is not sustainable
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The forest Indians use over 1,300 plants species as medicines and these are all getting destroyed because of the destruction of the tropical forests we have studied less then 1 % percent of the 250,000 known tropical rainforest plants for use in life saving drugs also 40 % percent of the worlds drugs come from the wild which brings in about 40 billion dollars a year worldwide you think there would be more of and effort to preserve these plants especially when money is involved there is even more of a reason to why the tropical forest destruction needs to stop what if one of the plants ends up being the cure for a disease that is fatal currently and we end up destroying it and never finding that cure for that disease because greed destroyed the only chance of it ever being found. Fot tubocurarine made from curare which is from the Amazonian liana chondodenron temntosum is used during surgery as a muscle relaxant also the wild yam dioscorea spp from mexico and Guatemala lead to the development of contraceptive pill to be developed those are examples of products that could …show more content…
According to my information sheets the tropical forests come in two different varieties wet and dry and both of them are under threat The worst destruction is occurring in the wet forests latin America has lost thirty-seven percent Asia has lost forty two percent and Africa has lost fifty two percent of their original tropical wet forests this information shows the extent of the destruction and I am sure it is even greater then what is shown currently in my information sheets. Logging was thought to be the biggest cause of deforestation has taken second place to do cultivation by the forest farmers who don’t actually own the land which are estimated to be about 150 million worldwide the conversion of forest to agricultural plots plantations and pastureland these farmers follow to logging companys and convert what is left after the logging companys leave these farmers do this so that they can earn a living but the problem is that they are doing it in a way that is not sustainable for the environment they cut down all the trees and burn them and use the ash for feriziler after three of four harvests insects weeds and soil impoverishment causes them to leave and repeat the same cycle some farmers usually seed the plots with grass then

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