The Effects Of Deforestation In The United States

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For my research involving Module 2b I chose to conduct my research on question four. I found this question interesting because the preservation of wildlife interests me, which led me to my research question. Has the deforestation in the United States caused a warming effect or cooling effect for the average temperature? I plan to explore this topic by researching temperatures over time in the United States and the amount of deforestation that has occurred in the United States. Also I plan to research the effects of deforestation and how we can prevent deforestation. When a forest is permanently destroyed in order to make land available for other uses it is called deforestation. The United States accounts for a total of 10 million acres of timber harvested each year. Between the years 1990 and 2010 the United States reforested roughly 19 million acred of land. The ratio between acre diminished and replenished is …show more content…
First you can put pressure on corporations that fund deforestation. Corporations that have the right to tear apart forests then they also have the right to help save them. Companies can enforce a paper recycle policy to help regenerate paper instead of causing more deforestation. Next we can promote sustainable consumer options. Companies have to listen to there consumers or they will sell no goods. If the people don 't want to buy from companies that use and environmental practices then they have no choice but changing their ways. These companies can switch to only buying recycled or certified wood products. Finally we need to reach out to the politics. Who has a bigger say on what we do than the world leaders. World leaders can easily help to create acts to help protect the forests from deforestation. Currently the main thought that goes through politics heads is money, what they need to put there focus on is the environment for a

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