Deforestation In The Amazon: Impact On Humans

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Deforestation in the Amazon: Impact On Humans Trees are often looked upon as everyday objects that will be around forever. However, at the rate they are being cut down, that may not be the case. The process of clearing trees and transforming a forest into cleared land is called deforestation (Deforestation, n.d). This process is occurring all over the planet, specifically the Amazon Forest, leaving an immeasurably large impact not only on the Earth but human life as well.
Trees make up the majority of the products humans use on a daily basis. For example, books, paper, wood, food, and pencils. Over the years, humans have learned to adapt their life around these objects. With deforestation becoming so popular in the world today, humans may
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As the world’s population increases, more products are demanded and more factories are required to produce those products. However, these factories need a place to be built which more often than not are in forested areas continuing the process of deforestation. As these factories are produced on clear cut land, they pollute our environment by the excess waste through the smoke stacks. Although humans think they can find another way to clear the pollution from the air, our greatest source of decontamination are trees. According to American Forests, trees clean our atmosphere by intercepting airborne particles, and by absorbing ground-level ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and other greenhouse gases. A single tree can absorb 10 pounds of air pollutants a year, and produce nearly 260 pounds of oxygen- enough to support two people (Clean Air, …show more content…
Photosynthesis uses energy from light to convert water and carbon dioxide molecules into glucose (sugar molecule) and oxygen (Photosynthesis & Respiration, 2016). Humans breathe the oxygen given off from those plants or trees and exhale as carbon dioxide in which trees get rid of. Cutting down forests will cause a decline in photosynthetic activity which results in the atmosphere retaining higher levels of carbon dioxide (Hilderman, 2010).
When the forests are cut down, less moisture is evapotranspired into the atmosphere resulting in the formation of fewer rain clouds (Butler, 2012). Therefore, there is a decrease in the amount of rainfall causing areas of cleared land to result in drought. Drought can be very dangerous for maintaining life on the planet. If clear cutting of trees continues at the rate it is going today, the lack of fresh water may lead to ‘water wars’ throughout the world. Water is a major resource for all living organisms whether it be for hydration or habitat

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