Essay on Definition Of Licensed Practical Nurse

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Nursing- Licensed Practical Nurse Throughout life everyone has unconsciously experienced the guardian angel that has supported us from first light of life until our darkening death. Nurses are one of the first people to caress us from the womb and hold our hand through death. Pursuing it is also a significant career because of what it offers to society. This research describes the career of nursing, what is required for success, what role it plays among other occupations and more importantly that it isn 't only a job, but a skilled ability that allows you to be apathetically emotional. During early civilization sickness was viewed as a religious punishment for committed sins. Nursing around 1100-1200 A.D was an occupied position held by both women and men in result of the great demand during the Crusades. In fact Florence Nightingale was the first female practical nurse introduced to Rome by a christian. She had a religious epiphany that motivated her to create and train a small group of nurses and by doing so their efforts decreased the death rate from 60% to 1%. Her services were rewarded by her patients this inspired her to professionally start a training course and create the curriculum still used as nursing foundation today. Eventually nursing became a very demanded service and as it grew so did the knowledge obtained. In result training went from 6 months to 3 years. Within this time, nursing became an empowering outlook of independence for women whose initial…

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