Reflective Essay: My Definition Of A Leader

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A leader can be many thing for example the definition of a leader is a person who guides or inspires others within an organization or community to achieve a goal. But there is more to being a leader than you think. I believe anyone and everyone can be a leader because to be a leader all you have to do is inspire. And I believe everyone has at least once in there life been a leader.

For example in everyday life anyone can be a leader. Like when you are a part of sports team, because when you are apart of a sports team you have to work together and make some split second decisions for your team. In which case for that split second you are a leader, leading your team.

Also you can be a leader in the classroom. Like when your Teacher puts you in group for a project. You and your group all work together to finish the project
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Cause if you are not responsible you are more prone to do something irresponsible. Also sometimes doing something irresponsible could hurt you and your group. Like if you're in a classroom and your with your friends and you annoy the teacher. The teacher could and will punish you and you friends for what you did. Which is kinda like what happens if the leader messes up the whole group has to pay the price for his mistake. So if you do something irresponsible it could backfire and affect your whole group. So that's why I believe a good leader needs to be responsible.

The last trait I believe is most necessary to be a good leader is to respectable. Because when you are in a position of leadership everyone who is following you ,have to trust or have faith in you. If they don't there is going to be conflict in the group. Due to the fact that how is somebody going to follow you if they don't trust you. Also since you are a leader how is your group going to trust you if you're not respectable and respect them. So that is why I believe it is absolute necessary to be respectable to be a good

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