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A home is defined by a place where somebody lives. I for one consider a home as a space where I stand the most comfortable. For example, when I spend time at my grandparents’ house, I imagine that is my home too since I feel relaxed and at ease. Everyone has their own opinions about what the definition of a home is. Others may think that the definition of a home is a place where they and their family sleep. When I hear that, my mind goes straight to a definition of a house. Home is brought by the comfort family brings to each other and the memories that generated together. That is, home can be a place where one feels comfortable. Anywhere that is easy for someone to be themselves without any judgement. I believe this is an excellent way to look at the definition of a home. It is not about where an individual is, it’s about what that person’s sense when they are in that place. For example, if someone is with friends and they are comfortable around …show more content…
A place where someone is close to their relatives and lives with them. I personally have the impression that this definition sounds more like a house than a home. A house is just an abstract area where a person stays with their folks. I believe a home is much more complex than a residence. It is a location where an individual looks forward to being day after day. For example, someone could look ahead to see their grandparents each day and spending time with them. While they may not reside with them, they can still call that place home. To put it another way, home is also defined as an estate where one grew up. Memories are the important part of a home. It’s not one if memories weren’t formed because then nothing makes it unique and stand out from other areas. For example, traditions and toys are just some of the many memories that construct a home. Home is more than just a location, what makes a home is the people in it and the relationships we built with each

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