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Defining FAILURE Failure, a misunderstood word, is looked at negatively from many people’s perspectives. To most people failure is described as a lack of success and falling short of what is expected, but to me, failing is the stairway to success. In life, everyone has experienced failure more than once and each reacts differently. We each have our own situations but how we react to failure will define who we are. Confucius once said, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.” Failure is a stepping stone that we must overcome if we ever want to achieve anything in life. Although many people fail, those who continue to persist and fail repeatedly are the ones that rise above others and find happiness in life. …show more content…
One reason why giving up is easy is because people are lazy and unmotivated. Ordinary people are just passing life by and waiting for something good to come to them while others who take risks and experience failures make the attempt to make their life better. You cannot succeed by waiting for something to happen, that is just not possible. Take action and decide for yourself what your goals are and fail over and over if you want results. Failure is there to help make you a stronger person, mentally and physically. Because If you don’t keep pushing on, you will never reach your destination. Be patient and keep in mind “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”(Chinese proverb). The second reason why people give up is because they have a negative perspective in life and don’t see the opportunities presented. Once they fail, they think it is the end and complain about how they tried. This is because they lack persistence and focus to achieve their goals. Without direction and true intentions, they do not continue their journey and quit before reaching their destinations. Quitting early is an easy way out and then they continue to go back living to their comfortable lifestyle. Lastly, without ambition or confidence people have no purpose in what they are doing. Not having any one of these traits is a major flaw because you have no drive or energy while you sink deeper in …show more content…
Luckily for me I knew how to overcome failure which left me with confidence and self-assurance. It is OK to fail regardless of what anyone says. You might be teased or put down for failing, but that is just how life works. Pick yourself up, keep on going and achieve your full potential. It’s just as if you were a little baby learning to walk. You have trouble at first, hanging onto objects or having help from your parents, but the more times you try the better you get. Falling repeatedly and getting up you will eventually learn how to walk perfectly by yourself. This is just one example of what failure does. Each time we fail we gain knowledge and we can apply that knowledge to keep on moving forward. I have been dancing for almost 6 years. During all this time learning new moves, learning to better myself, I have experienced many hardships which I have overcome. Learning moves was no joke especially if you were new. They took from as long as 3 months to years. Failing over and over was the only way to improve and learn those moves. Each time I failed, I found a new way to try it and applied different methods I thought of that worked more efficiently. In the end, I got my results and although it took long I feel accomplished of what I

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