Do People Get A Level Of Success Or Failure

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There are endless stories out there of people who have reached a level of success and then lost it all. Why is it that people can reach such level of success and then fail? It is because when people first start working toward something they want they work hard. People put endless effort into becoming successful. Making connections, creating ideas and learning from mistakes made along the way. Once these people became comfortable they had no need to keep working hard. So they stop. Everything that they did to become successful they stopped doing, because they thought they reached a point where they didn 't need to continue to do so. That quickly caused them to fail and lose everything they worked so hard for. The perception of success is viewed wrong. Success is not just about reaching the top, but remaining successful for a lifetime.

Jordan Belfort was said to be making $250 million a year at the age of 25. This young Multi-Million dollar stockbroker became very successful with his company Stratton Oakmont. His business operated as if it were a boiler room which was the inspiration for the film known as ‘Boiler Room’ starring Vin Diesel. Belfort started out small. He was like any other young stockbroker looking to get his big-time breakthrough.
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He was stripped of everything he had and sentenced to jail for fraud and money laundering. After being released from jail and paying back the 100 millions of dollars he owed other stockbrokers, Belfort decided to make a change of pace with his life. Belfort went on to write his own book “Catching the Wolf of Wall Street” a New York’s best seller. It went on to describe Belfort and his ups and downs as a stockbroker including running into the FBI. This book was also turned into a movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Belfort now travels the world discussing how to become successful without sacrificing integrity and

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