Essay about Defining Genres Of Television Shows

1680 Words Oct 4th, 2016 7 Pages
Defining genres for television shows has always been a difficult task, and the sheer amount of shows airing today makes this process even tougher. Not only are there hundreds of shows that are prevalent in network television, but due to the rise in popularity of streaming sites such as Netflix, there are also many shows that get their start on these sites without ever premiering on TV. This saturation in the market of TV shows has obviously produced many different genres of TV shows, and the number of networks and mediums for consumption has allowed for experimentation. This experimentation is not entirely original, however, as many “breaking-edge” shows often borrow aspects from other successful shows, causing a mish mash of genres. All of this makes the process of categorizing these shows very hard as shows nowadays cannot just be thrown under one umbrella genre like the sitcom or the police drama. Many scholars take many different approaches, some citing historical context as the most important aspect and others sticking to a simpler definitional approach. These approaches can be very useful in many contexts, but when categorizing modern TV shows that blend together many historical influences and basic genre definitions, a cultural approach is the most effective at drawing the lines between these types of shows. For the modern day television shows that blend together two or more genres, the most effective approach is the cultural approach as it combines aspects of the…

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