Decision Making Moves Of Frostburg Essay

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Decision Making moves to Frostburg
1.) There are ethical issues that may arise when doing business in other countries. Among those are cultural issues which may be different in other countries. The Business runs the risk of offending the locals with culture clashes and in turn the support of the locals will not be there for supporting the business. Ethical issues may arise of inequality. Wages and working environment issues are faced when it comes to pay levels and working conditions. The employees of Frostburg may feel that the company is paying them below normal wages levels as oppose to the pay given to workers in the US just because their labor cost are lower. Another ethical issue that may arise in moving to Frostburg is language barriers and religious beliefs. Frostburg may have holiday’s that are celebrated in their country but not recognized in the US which could pose a problem. Then, corruption may become an issue with the local politicians. The company may be charged to obtain licenses and permits faster to operate in that country. Although there are some countries that feel this is out of respect to give gift of monetary value but in the US those gifts can appear as bribery. Lastly, the owner may try and avoid all these issues, even ruin the risk of not maximizing business profits, to ensure jobs are not lost and not relocate but remain in its current location.

2) The firm would encounter labor problems because they are not well-developed in Frostburg.…

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