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All companies and organisations are affected by external influences intensively which affects factors as reputation and the sales of the company. External influences have a negative impact as well as negative impact. This essay will establish to assess at the external business environment of Debenhams. PEST analysis tool will be used in order to complete the assessment efficiently.

PEST Analysis
PEST analysis is used for to understand market growth or decline and to discover the position, potential and direction of a business. It is also defined as business measurement tool. PEST stands for Political,
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They are a threatening competition to Debenhams and which may mean having to countenance the consequences of losing money.
Recession is one of the main issues which impact on economic factor. During recession period people who are under normal circumstances only expect to at least get by, which means they must spend less towards fundamental as opposed to reducing expenditure. People with lower incomes may find it difficult to purchase expensive products from Debenhams store which will then create an overall loss towards Debenhams overall sales. ( Daniel Bannes, 2008)
Social challenges are very important to every organisation. Before introducing the product or the service it is essential to consider social conditions. Improper information can lead to complete failure or poor product and service. Mentioning Debenhams, one of the major social issues of Debenhams is changes of taste and style, result stated from declining trend of consumer changing to other products (Debenhams, 2010) . In order to keep consumer demand sustainable Debenhams must think about issues like customs and beliefs of people e.g. geographical areas like Muslim communities wear specific outfits due to their religious beliefs, which illustrates that such issues tend to delay Debenhams’s procedure.
In order to compete with efficiently to its

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