Death Penalty In Prisons

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The death penalty is used for violent offenders who have been convicted of premeditated murder. The death penalty has many purposes. First, it serves as a way for prisons to clear out many of the violent offenders. Second, the death penalty provides safety for both the prison and society. Lastly, the cost to execute someone costs less than keeping someone in prison for life.
The death penalty is used in 32 of our 50 states. Of those 32 states Pennsylvania is one of them. Texas is the leader in death penalty convictions and death penalties carried out. Our country is known for its use of the death penalty. In fact, many European countries will not send fleeing felons back to the U.S in fear of us killing them. The U.S primarily uses lethal injection
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The death penalty houses death row inmates in a separate part of the prison to protect the inmates and guards. By using the death penalty, the prison can reduce the amount of dangerous criminals at their prison. In return the prison becomes a safer place for both inmates and guards. Many death row inmates are violent offenders with anger issues and sometimes mental illness. In 2009 a study was done by the U.S Department of Justice that found 116 guards were murdered by prisoners. From 2007 to 2014, the U.S Department of Justice found that 8,110 inmates were murdered by other inmates. 357 of those inmates were killed by death row inmates being transferred to other facilities. Using the death penalty reduces this occurring and thereby providing a safer prison and safer …show more content…
By carrying out the death sentence the prison protects itself by having less dangerous criminals at one time. The less criminals you have the less likely one will escape. Death row inmates don’t have as much time to plan an escape as people who spend many years in prison. It’s a simple concept, the less death row inmates we have the less violent offenders we have in prison. Now if there was no death penalty then all death row inmates would have a sentence of life in prison without parole. In Kittanning PA a 38 year old inmate who was in in jail for murder escaped and strangled and murdered an acquaintance, 55 year old Tammy Long. In 2003 Israel Aguirre Jaimez escaped after he was deported to Mexico and murdered 2 people in Texas before he was arrested he was charged with murder and drug charges. 12% of inmates are inmates with life in prison, now add the 3 thousand people on death row to that you are looking at almost 20% of inmates spending life in prison. With prisons being over crowded this would add an influx in violent offenders which means a more dangerous prison system for the inmates and the security officers who are offended targeted for these violent

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