Death Of The Death With Dignity Act Essay

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According to a study done by Dartmouth Health Care, 80% of patients with a chronic disease say that they would prefer to avoid hospitalization when they are dying. Of this 80%, less than 20% actually die at home (“Facts”). The remaining terminally ill patients die in a hospital, having been sustained by medications and other life supporting technologies. Terminally ill patients who are experiencing a diminishing quality of life should have the option to voluntarily end their own life through physician-assisted suicide. The first time physician-assisted suicide became legal in the United States was on October 27, 1997. Oregon’s passing of the Death with Dignity Act continues to allow terminally ill patients with a diagnosis of six months or less to live to receive a prescription for a lethal 10 gram dose of the drug Seconal (Aleccia). By law the drugs must be self administered. However, they can be taken at any time, if and when the patient choses. When the medication is ingested, the patient will slip into a coma within five minutes. About thirty minutes later they will die peacefully in their sleep, wherever and with whomever they choose. Although it is technically considered suicide, their cause of death is recorded as a terminal illness (Honea). One of the biggest aspects of physician-assisted suicide is that it gives terminally ill patients the choice to end their life without having to experience an unbearable amount of physical suffering. When diagnosed with a…

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