Deadpool And The Traditional Hero

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In Deadpool (2016), Ryan Reynolds plays a character called Wade Wilson, also known as the superhero Deadpool. The film follows the life of Deadpool and the many adversities he faces, such as finding out he has cancer, having to leave his girlfriend, and going through an extremely painful treatment. It also shows the entertaining parts of his life where he is a hit man, and his many drunken experiences. This superhero challenges the traditional hero narrative because although he helps many people throughout the film, he does not conform to the ideal of a hero. These differences between a usual superhero film and Deadpool make for an interesting twist in the cliché superhero story that viewers are so used to seeing because he doesn’t want fame …show more content…
He fights crime and helps people, but he also drinks, works as a hit man, uses crude language, and constantly messes things up with his girlfriend. In one part of the film, the viewers see Deadpool bullying a young man by making fun of him and holding a knife up to his face. These acts don’t make him seem like the usual hero, as he is not acting respectfully. For example, in Captain America, the hero, Steve Rogers, is a very quiet and respectful person who dedicates his whole life to protecting his fellow Americans. On the other hand, Deadpool is not seen as this respectful type of hero by any means because he often disrespects the people that he is fighting with and also his peers. Deadpool (2016) is not the typical superhero film by any means, as the main character Deadpool doesn’t conform to the ideals of a superhero. He doesn’t want glory through his battles, shows emotions such as fear, and doesn’t act with integrity, as we see in other heroes. This unusual dynamic of a superhero makes for a much more interesting and surprising story than what we see in films as such as the Batman series and in Captain America. Deadpool is a new, refreshing type of hero that viewers surely hope to see more of in the

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