Day Care Vs. Home Care Essay

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Mary Leet Day Care vs. Home Care
There is a wide range of child- care providers available. Ranging from professionals to parents taking care of their children. Child care that is high quality involves a safe environment for the children, age appropriate toys, age appropriate activities and time spent with children on an individual basis. Benefits of a stay at home parent they are able to have full attention of their child and watch them develop. There are two types of day care Family child care homes and child care centers. A child care center is a business located in a non-residential facility. In Child care centers Children are grouped by age in groups or classrooms. However, age groups will sometimes will be mixed for parts of the day. Some benefits of child care centers are they have a continuous education and can easily be covered for if a teacher is missing. Children are able to interact with same age peers and parents can observe their children interacting with them. Some Drawbacks with child care centers is that centers may be less flexible for the needs of the family. Family Child Care Homes offer child care for a mixed age group in a person 's home. Family child care homes often offer the flexibility to meet a child 's and their family 's needs. Benefits for a Family child care homes offer a small group setting where children can get more individualized care. Family child care providers can be well connected to their…

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