David Chalmers And Andy Clark's The Extended Mind: The Influence Of Technology

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Since the very beginning of the human existence, we have made choices to improve ourselves in order to survive. For every choice we made we had always had to give something up. These improvements in the way we live our lives have always been present, and recently the improvements that show up the most are linked to technology; it is a major concern that technology will change the way we are in the future even more than it is already doing each and every day. Technology will keep changing us like it has always done throughout history, but change does not necessarily mean takeover; technology will advance as an extension of ourselves, to help us improve and make us better humans. When technological improvements are brought up, one thinks robot …show more content…
It was one of my favorites because their idea of how technological improvement work and affect us seemed to be the most pleasing. Unlike Buchanan’s book, which talked about improvements that alter the humans directly and sometimes indirectly, Clark and Chalmers see enhancements in a different way. One of their questions that are answered in the text was, "And what about socially-extended cognition? Could my mental states be partly constituted by the states of other thinkers? We see no reason why not, in principle." (Clark & Chalmers 58). They proposed in this essay that our mind and thinking are affected by outside sources; whether it is a person or an object, these are used as extensions of our mind. The example of the notebook versus the memory clears any confusion that there may be. In this example, they have a woman, Igna, who has a good memory and is able to retain information and come retrieve it almost instantly when needed. They also have a man, Otto, who relies on a notebook to store his information because his brain is not able to. Their argument for these two characters is that they both store information but in different ways. Igna has a normal memory like most of us, and Otto uses the notebook as an extension of his mind. The mind is not limited to the brain, but rather it uses both the brain and its surroundings. A restriction

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