Dary And Ponyboys Relationship

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The relationship that the three curtis brothers have for each other. Darry and Soda pops relationship is both respect and they listen to each other. The relationship between Sodapop and Ponyboy is care and very protective over each other. The relationship between Darry and Ponyboy changed throw out the story. It went from Darry always being rude and angry at Ponyboy it even got to the point that Darry hit him. Then after when Darry hit him their relationship became loving, caring, and protective of him.
The relationship between Ponyboy and Sodapop is Sodapop being very protective and always being by Ponyboys side. For example “ Darry… Sodapop began but Darry turned on him you keep your trap shut i’m sick and tired of hearin’ you stick up for
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“ I never could please him if I was playing football he told me to read and if I was reading he told me to play football “ ( Outsider S.E.Hinton pg 15). Also “ Darry slapped me and suddenly it was deathly quiet Darry looked at the palm of his hand it had turned red his eyes were huge” ( Outsiders S.E.Hinton pg46). That are two perfect examples of their relationship but luckily later in the story Darry stops constantly acting rude towards Ponyboy. The relationship between Darry and Sodapop is even more complicated because of their relationship with Ponyboy. At times they can have respect for each other and other times can be fighting because of Ponyboy. “ Darry never hollered at Sodapop not even when soda dropped out of school or got tickets for speeding”( Outsiders S.E.Hinton pg15). That is what kind of relationship Darry and Sodapop have and how it constantly changes because of their relationship with Ponyboy. That is what kind of relationship that all the curtis brothers have with each other. Darry and Sodapop a constantly changing relationship do to what is happening with Ponyboy. Also Sodapop and Ponyboy is of soda always protecting and staying on Ponyboys side. Finally Darry and Ponyboy were Darry is always disappointed, angry, and Ponyboy never being able to please

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