Jesus Plan After All Analysis

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Have you ever experienced sufferings even though you followed God’s plan for you? Have you ever experienced the darkest moment of your life and God was not there with you?
In the gospel, Jesus was the one who ordered the disciples to go on without him. He dismissed them and when they are far off the land, they were being tossed by the waves because the wind was against the boat they were in. If you look closer, even though it was Jesus’ plan, they are all alone and everything was against them.
In our life, do not be afraid if you cannot see God with you in times of darkest because what if, it’s still God’s plan after all? In the gospel, Jesus’ brilliant plan was to test the faith of the disciples and exposed their true hearts but you can see that after he dismissed the disciples, He went up the mountain to pray. The meaning of that is before his disciples where even tested, Jesus already prayed for them, interceding for the disciples’
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It is Jesus’ way of showing that the test for the disciples, water and wind tossing them, was merely a stepping stone for Jesus to go closer to them and to their hearts. The things that keep us away from our plan that hinders us to go closer to our goal and slows us down are the things that God can use to be closer to us. For God, our time of darkness is his time of revealing himself to us, not only to comfort us but to also strengthen our relationship with him, our faith.
Faith and fear cannot live in one’s heart at the same time. Fear is a weak faith that causes us to doubt everything and sometimes doubt our belief. Peter, while walking on water, experienced fear that led him to sink. Every day, our faith is challenged by many things but be aware that there are many ways to strengthen our faith to God. In times of doubt, read the word of God. Through reading the word of God, we exclude our doubts and fear, thus, strengthening our faith. It is through the word of God that we experience a compelling

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