In The Mind Of A Madman In Dante's Inferno

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In the Mind of a Madman

In Dante 's Inferno, a highly politically religious man by the name of Dante Alighieri gives his very descriptive ideal of his underworld and the sinners that are being punished for their sins in the mortal world. In the same respect, a high school sophomore will give his ideas of the inferno which resembles a Russian Nesting Doll in a scrambled order of the seven deadly in the order of gluttony, slothful, envy, lust, greed, pride and wrath for this is from the mind of a madman.

The first pit is the home of the gluttons, and the most famous glutton is Andres Moreno who has consumed the most food of any mortal and given little effort to resolve this problem other than resorting to medical processes in the hope to
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The most famous of these damned souls is named Hunter Homan, who often will leave all his work to be completed at the very last second as well as spend countless hours on his computer instead of with his friends and family . The punishment for the souls and Mr. Homan is being forced to run in a circle for eternity as demons hit them with pitchforks while sitting on beds and chairs that the souls of this circle desire to rest on. The Punishment gives these souls no rest or no chance to resort back to their slothful …show more content…
The soul that experience the most pain and suffering is the most violent man that ever walked on Earth that man is Adolf Hitler. The worm was responsible for the most violent and bloody wars that turned the men of Earth turn upon each other, and was also responsible for the brutal slaughter of thousands of men, women and children in the event that worldly men call the Holocaust. This punishment for these souls is to be tied face fires upon a metal plate with demons rotating between whipping and slashing the souls and pouring pure lemon juice into the wounds of the evil souls. The soul 's experience this punishment to experience the full force of what their evil deeds of the world and to be shown how the families of those who were shown the wrath of the

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