Theme Of Greed In Dante's Inferno

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What is greed? The most common distinction pertains to a strong and selfish desire for something, such as wealth or power. The question is, what kind of person would intentionally succumb to such a malicious concept? The notion itself appears in countless works of literature, from fiction and non-fiction alike, and stands as an extremely prominent theme that has been featured in countless collected works. However, regardless of its commonality, greed is still a sinful conception that many men and women have submitted to in both literature and life. This is the very case when taking into regard one of the greatest epic poems of world literature, Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. The theme of greed holds the potential to be one of the most dominant sins represented within the Inferno. Throughout the poem, the concept of sin follows the character Dante through his journey into hell. Alighieri describes the Inferno as a place for sins to be acknowledged and punished accordingly amongst the nine circles that separate the offenses. Within these nine circles of hell, every sin lingers within its own realm, along with the punishments instilled upon them. However, when comparing every sin against each other, greed almost stands alongside the most heinous of …show more content…
Even within the Inferno, “avarice is one of the iniquities that most incurs Dante's scornful wrath” (Raffa). This is just one example that suggests greed to be the bridge that leads the way to a viciously sinful life. Within Dante's Inferno, as punishment for the greedy, the sentenced penitents are forced to endlessly carry stones back and forth from the center of the circle, while often bumping into one another. A not so befitting punishment, especially when taking into account that sins such as hoarding or thievery, especially committed by means of violence, deceit, or manipulation, are all actions that stem from

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