Essay about Daniel Woodrell 's Winter 's Bone

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Perhaps one of the most telling young adult novels about the lengths that people go to for their families, Daniel Woodrell’s Winter’s Bone, tells the story of a 16 year old girl, Ree, and her obstacles to find her father, Jessup. Living in the Ozarks, the people of Rathlin Valley and Hawkfall abide by the Dolly code in which you don 't ask questions, look out for only yourself and your family, and definitely don 't snitch. It 's a code followed by all without question. In a tale of circumstance and familial bond, Winter’s Bone portrays Ree, Jessup, and Teardrop as heroes in a world where heroism is unwelcome. All three characters follow the Dolly code to an extent; they follow the Dolly ideal: family is the most important thing. The difference between them and the other members in the Ozark community is that they draw a line; they know when to stop following the code.
In an already impoverished world, Ree is left to take care of her unresponsive mother and two younger brothers by herself with little to no help from anyone. Though she doesn 't receive much assistance from her so called family, she relentlessly continues to value family and blood. In her search for Jessup, Ree turns to the people of Rathlin Valley and Hawkfall for help or any information on where Jessup was. And to no surprise almost everyone turns their back on her, but she kept trying making it clear what family means to her saying to Merab: "Some of our blood at least is the same. That’s s’posed to mean…

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