Exotic Animals Research Paper

Having a puppy is hard enough, so imagine owning a tiger. Imagine the expenses of owning exotic animals and the dangers and hazards of owning exotic animals. It is not a smart decision to buy exotic animals and have them as pets. It is a ton of work, and it is also extremely dangerous. Exotic animals are not good to have. Exotic animals do grow up and that cute little baby tiger it used to be will not be as cute and it will also be dangerous and strong. It is also a wild animal and it is very unpredictable, and there are many diseases that someone can catch from exotic animals, and there are many dangers of having exotic animals that no one should forget.
That exotic animal will grow up. That tiger cub, for example, will grow up to be big and dangerous. The quote states “A cute puppy grows up to be a dog- bigger, but not dangerously so. A lion cub, on the other
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This quote says “While it is true that even dogs and cats can injure their owners or other people, they do not have the same unpredictable potential snakes, and or even deadly attacks that many exotic pets do. It’s not just the big cats, poisonous snakes, and chimpanzees that can be harmful-even smaller exotic pets can cause serious injuries. Exotic pets can also spread diseases to humans. In addition, many exotic pets end up on the loose in the wild. Out on their own, these exotic animals can be a further danger to the public, and even to the environment” (Lewis). To put it different, even dogs and cats cause injuries, so imagine an exotic animal, such as a tiger. It can cause some serious injuries, possibly death. Another article says “The incident reports amount to scary stories about scary animals. Many are unconfirmed, manufactured or ridiculous. Deaths or serious injuries are exceedingly rare” (REXANO). This quote says that attacks are rare, but that does not mean that it does not happen. In addition, exotic animals could be spreading

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