Dangerous Knowledge Was All Throughout The Novel Frankenstein, By Mary Shelly

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Dangerous Knowledge was all throughout the novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly. Three prominent characters in the novel, in particular, show their “need” to fulfill their life callings. Viktor Frankenstein, Robert Waldon, and the creature everyone calls Frankenstein. The strive for such knowledge takes two to their grave and enlightens the other on the outcome of his actions if he does not stop. Waldon strives to be better than all past explorations and travel to the North Pole, which at the time seemed impossible and the very idea was ridiculous. Of course, he learns the fate of Frankenstein and the Creature and their punishments for seeking knowledge outside of their powers and decides to end his expedition. The Creature strives for human interaction and to learn how to speak and survive. He hopes that the knowledge he can achieve can help him cross the barrier keeping him an outcast. He learns the concept of revenge and violence when he is “thrown back out’ by humanity and becomes violent.

Viktor Frankenstein strives and does whatever he can do to find the secret of life; stealing what he could not afford, robbing fresh graves of the bodies that filled them, anything. He finally finds the process of bringing the dead back to life and creates what he thinks and hopes will be a superhuman, very beautiful and very intelligent. Animal testing is one of the scientific experiments going on currently that is very controversial. Doctors and Scientists use new products and…

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