Dance And Its Dimensions : Dance Essay

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Dance and its Dimensions “Dance according to me is emotion. Dance is a non-verbal medium of communication where we can express our thought, beliefs and ideas. It is one of the most famous or prominent medium of art. Dancers develop their own techniques and moves with the help of choreographers. It provides both the viewer and the performer sense of freedom, happiness and joy. It helps people to express who they are. Dance is an art form where we express ourselves freely. It indeed has a complicated relationship with our emotions.” Dance has been a part of lives ever since time immemorial. Dancers is involved with physical patterns where the dancer becomes one with music tone, beat and rhythm. Dancers become too passionate for dance that they even put their idea,values, relationships in line. People sometimes dedicate their whole lives for dance. People are so passionate about dance. There are few examples like Sudha Chandran from India who an accomplished Bharathanatyam dancer. She lost one of her leg due to a car accident but still never gave up her dream. She accomplished her goals with the help of a prosthetic leg. Can you believe that? Dance plays an important role in our society. People from various countries and culture have their own dance and moves. Sometimes they even try to adapt certain styles from people around them. We could see a whole evolution that took place for dance. From Paleolithic age dance to latest hip hop style dance. Dance…

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