Dance Analysis : Salsa Dance Essay

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Salsa Dance
How to dance salsa professionally
Have you tried to be a genius salsa dancer, but you can’t find a better professional dancer to show you? To achieve the true character of salsa, you must give it a happy, flirtatious and exciting interpretation. In this essay, I’ll tell you who invented salsa and how to properly dance salsa. Salsa dance is not easily performed. Salsa dance originally came from Cuba. Salsa is one of the most dynamic dance in the 90s and continued to be today also. Both the music and the dance styles of salsa is similar to Mambo. Salsa is danced differently. Some performers will dance it very quickly, and complicated while some salsa dance are more relaxed and sensual and it almost looks like Argentine tango. The dancers followed along by adding more complicated steps to the dance. Salsa is performed by two people with a lead and the follower. Usually the man is the lead and the female is the follower. They dance using improvisation of various movement combinations. When dancing Salsa, stand upright with weight held forward towards the balls of the feet. Salsa, hold is close-packed, with partners standing slightly apart, like the basic Latin hold,. The man 's left hand and lady 's right hand can be connect either in an upper-hand clasp, or with man underhand. The man 's right hand is either placed on the lady 's left shoulder blade or on her hip. The lady 's left arm is resting lightly on his right arm. It should be noted that the Salsa, hold…

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