DRA 225 MacBeth 50 Cent Paper

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Rohit Verma
DRA 225­08

While taking place in two completely different worlds, MacBeth and 50 Cent share many common qualities. MacBeth was a man of ambition, likewise so is 50 Cent. Both 50 Cent and
MacBeth have an overbearing ego so to speak, they both think they’re untouchable. They both do not sucumb to fear, they overcome it. They both have power complexes where they think they’re at a higher level than everybody else. It could be said that MacBeth and 50 Cent are almost the same person in different time periods, their perspective towards life and how to go about it are extremely similar. In the song “Many Men” by 50 Cent, he talks about how his ambition drives him to where he is. He says “
I 'm trying to be what I 'm
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50 Cent in “Many Men” says things like “Better watch how you talk, when you talk about me ‘ 'Cause, I 'll come and take your life away” and “I 'm the greatest, something like Ali in his prime”. He thinks he’s untouchable in a sense despite him being shot clearly shows that as being untrue. Despite that though, even in his harmed condition he can talk trash and call anybody out with no worry.

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