D1 Business Enviroment Essay

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D1Influence of Stake Holders on Reigate College
(Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in Reigate College)
Reigate College
In this report I am going to investigate into Reigate College and evaluate into the business how different stakeholders in the organisation have an impact on the college all together. Evaluating which of the stakeholders has the most power and those who have the least power and impact on the college, also what roles they play towards the college and as individuals what impact they have on the different stakeholders within the college itself. Reigate College is a College based in Reigate with its aims and objectives is to provide a high quality education for 16-19 year old students in a
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The college will employ different companies to provide different products such as one company will provide stationary and another computers and electronics. Without the input from these companies there would be no way for the students to learn apart from using text books, but again text books are also provided by a different company. So it would be very difficult for students to learn in the environment the college provide if they did not have the required equipment needed for the students to learn. So as a whole it is very important for Reigate to keep a close relationship with these sorts of suppliers to enable the sufficient of the students.

Influence on Outcomes: 1. One example of an influence of an outcome is that as the College have opened up to more students this year, the college gains more money from this as the more students there are in the college the more money the college gains per head. As a result of this this is a positive for the college as a whole but as an individual student, they might result to thinking they are not getting as much attention and one to one support as they need if they have any problems or issues, therefor this is a downside for the students, this then looks like that the teachers are not working hard enough to help these students which will then have a general impact on

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