Cyber-Bullying Argument Analysis

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One simple comment, can ruin a life. Fifteen year old Veronica was a straight A student short girl, wore glasses. She volunteered at her church every Sunday and when she wasn’t babysitting her little brothers, she was doing her homework for her honors classes. One day she overheard the cheerleaders at her school talk about how a famous hashtag was trending all over the internet. Veronica didn’t have the time for social media but she thought if she had a social network (twitter, Instagram, etc.) then that would get her friends and most importantly get her known. About two days later she started making a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She then started following everyone that went to her school including strangers that didn’t even live by …show more content…
Every message and comment can make people feel worthless, useless, and make them even feel like harming themselves. On an article called “How to rate your friends”, someone named Ronson states “Public shaming doesn’t make us better people or encourage us not to repeat offend. It shuts us down, and exiles us from society in a way that benefits no one”. This article is about a website that lets other people rate you from 1-5. You don’t make the account, as long as someone knows your name and number they can make it for you, and you can not delete it. It bring people’s self-esteem down. It’s websites and rude comments (ratings) that make people commit suicide. Which brings us to our next …show more content…
Even though it might now be true, most victims of cyber bullying believe what the person tells them for instance if a person is called “fat” just for eating alot when in reality they are average in weight that person believes that they are fat and might even cut down on meals which is worse than eating alot. Calling people names make them think that that’s what they are and it also makes them want to do something about it. Not only is it name calling bad, telling people to do something physically like “lose weight, put makeup on, nobody wants you here” can affect them in the way to make them change their self just to not be bullied anymore. The worst comment of all (not that those are any better) is when people tell others to kill themselves or for short “kys”. When somebody says that, they mean it in a way of trying to tell someone that they have no purpose in life, that they will never be as good as the person telling them to do it. Everybody has a purpose in life and nobody should be told to kill

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